I am so unbelievably happy its Friday (night, now)! Its been two weeks at the new job and I'm worn out. Two-and-a-half year olds ask more questions than I ever thought possible.

"Ash-e-ley, whatcha doin'?"
"Cleaning off the table."
"Ash-e-ley, whatcha' doin?"
"Cleaning off the table."
"Ash-e-ley, whatcha' doin?"
"Cleanin' off da table."

Now multiple that times twelve (since that's just one little friend) and then multiply that times, oh, maybe one hundred times a day. Oh, and add in potty training twelve kids at one time. I think its safe to say I just want some peace and quiet, some me time.

And that's what this weekend is for. Last weekend, we left immediately after I got off work at six to drive to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to check out a church. (I'll post about that tomorrow.) We had no time to relax all weekend and then it was straight back to work for the week. After that, it feels so good to have absolutely nothing planned this weekend. I'm going to sleep in (of course), maybe paint, maybe sew, finish my library book, get more library books, catch up on reading blogs, clean the house, and watch basketball with Deric. Bliss.

Happy weekend!

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