A Visit from Court & Isaac

Yesterday, I was blessed with a visit from Courtney and Isaac. I hadn't seen them since Christmas, so it was great to catch up. I'm always amazed at how much Isaac has grown between visits. He's gotten so tall, he knows a few words, and that fiesty personality of his just keeps developing. Oh, and he never stops moving. Good luck, Court;)

Our time together was mostly spent talking about and watching Isaac, which is fine with me. He did quite a number on our not-used-to-children house. Left a few post-lunch fingerprints on the white curtains, reprogrammed the tv, temporarily lost the back of the remotes, pulled the magazines out onto the floor, scattered all the contents of Court's purse and the diaper bag throughout the house, hid a few graham crackers for me to find, used the kitchen utensils as drumsticks, and used that smile of his to make me ignore the mess. :)

And now, since I know you'd rather me stop talking and just show you the pictures, here's Isaac.

One adult water bottle 

+ one tiny child

= pure joy

& a whole 'lotta dripping.

After a clean, dry shirt, it was time to relax...

and put his feet up. On the wall.

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