Lightning Fast

That's how fast I was moving on my lunch break today. (That's also how fast I tell my kids to move to clean up, finish their lunch, go to sleep, etc.) I had an hour and decided to check American Eagle for another pair of khakis for work, then return tablecloths to Target that I'd planned to make into curtains. Oh, and eat. Always important.

Ended up that AE didn't have the pants I was looking for, so that saved me some time. I headed to Target, returned the tablecloths and decided to check for khakis there too. No luck once again, BUT! I happened to walk past the 75% off rack and noticed a shirt I'd wanted to buy a few months ago. Nothing fancy, just my typical solid-color long-sleeved shirt. It was so cheap that I bought two...in the same color.

Can you see that price?? I have plans for the shirts-- I'm not buying two for no reason. Ashley from Make It & Love It used two shirts of the same color to create one embellished shirt...

Her tutorial makes it seem easy enough, so I hope that it turns out well when I try it. Even though the shirts only cost $5, I'd still hate to waste it...and a perfectly good shirt. I hope to work on it soon, but after work I usually have no desire to do anything. Then this weekend Deric and I are headed to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to look at a church, so this weekend is definitely out. Maybe next week?

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  1. so you ended up returning them after all, huh? But good find on the shirts! I'm excited to see how your shirt turns out. I saw something like that on The Pleaded Poppy (also a blog) and she did something like that as well. The one you posted though looks cuter. Good luck!