Oh, the Places We Go

(Dr. Seuss, anyone?)

Last weekend, as you already know, Deric and I traveled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to look at a church. It was a long weekend. We left around 7pm Friday after I got off work and we packed up the car. We drove until midnight and stayed in a hotel near Lansing, then got up at 6:30 to leave by 7/7:30 and drive five more hours. We got into Sault Ste. Marie (a town on the northern coast) around 12:30, met up with the minister for lunch, then headed to the church for an interview with the elders. After two hours with the elders, one of the elders took us on a brief tour of the town and then we headed back to the church for a potluck dinner. Thankfully, after the dinner we went to our hosts' home and had a chance to relax. The next morning, we did Sunday school and church, hung around to meet some of the members, then went to lunch with the minister and a few elders and their families. And before we knew it, we were back on the road for a 9 hour drive home. Needless to say, it felt so good to get home that night. I'm not one for roadtrips so it works out perfectly that Deric enjoys driving those long hours. We listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for probably 17 of the 18 hours we were on the road. Deric loved it and since he was driving, I figured I'd let him listen to whatever he wanted :)

I didn't have time to take any great pictures-- most of these were snapped on the way up to the Sault or on the drive through town on Saturday afternoon.

View of Lake Michigan (I assume) as we crossed the bridge to the UP.
Completely frozen over. Not a good sign :)

The next exit after Sault Ste. Marie. 

View from our hosts' back window. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture
 of the sunset we saw Saturday night, which was stunning.

But even when its cloudy, it was still really pretty.

Canada, right across the river.

As for whether or not we'll be taking the position up there, we haven't decided yet. We're still praying and asking God for discernment. We both feel that we'd need a fair amount of convincing to move somewhere thats so cold for so many months and is somewhat remote. So we're praying that if God wants us to be there, He makes it very, very obvious. I'm just not sure I could handle six months of winter :)

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