Cookies & Stir-Fry

Well, so much for my weekend full of projects. I spent most of the weekend doing absolutely nothing, i.e. catching up on episodes of Raising Hope, sleeping/napping, and watching the Butler/Florida game at Chili's with Deric. (Side note: Eating only bottomless chips & dip and a Coke + 3 refills for dinner isn't a great idea.) It was a great weekend, but I went back and forth between enjoying being lazy and wishing I had the energy to get something done. But then I thought about the upcoming week and the exhaustion caused by 2 1/2 year olds, and I didn't feel so bad.

I made up for my laziness a little on Sunday night, however. If you'll glance over to the right of this here blog, you'll notice that I follow Elizabeth @ Lizzy Writes. I don't actually know her, but I wish I did. She went to culinary school and therefore has some seriously good recipes. I've tried a few of them before and always liked the dishes. So on Sunday night, Deric and I made her stir-fry pasta for dinner. Its a perfect dinner for us because Deric loves anything stir-fried whereas I love anything with pasta. Needless to say, we both loved the recipe and will have it again.

Didn't stop there, though. Deric innocently picked up a bag of chocolate chips at Walmart knowing full well that I would end up baking chocolate chip cookies. He claimed the chips were so he could make chocolate chip pancakes, but he knows I hate them and would rather make cookies so that I don't miss out on the chocolate. So, back to Lizzy Writes for her so, so, so good chocolate chip cookies. I've never been able to make chocolate chip cookies that stay soft after they cool, and her recipe solved my dilemma. I froze most of the dough and every day this week, I've heated up five or six cookies and we've shared them. Before dinner, which is definitely when they taste the best.

I've got at least four or five more of Elizabeth's recipes written down and waiting for me (or Deric, since he cooks now...). But not tonight. We've been saving an Olive Garden gift card since Christmas and we can't wait any longer :)

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