Frames x8

For centerpieces at our wedding, we used frames from Pier 1 that my mom and I found while shopping one day a few months before the wedding. We switched out the glass and fake picture for a piece of black paper and set the vase right on top. Easy.

I had to add this shot of the flowers because I love the colors. Wish there wasn't a hotel backdrop or I'd frame it.

Anyway, after the wedding my mom gave a few frames to family and friends (since we had at least fourteen of 'em). We still had a bunch left over, so I got about six or eight frames and I think a few might be with Mom.

I had no idea what I would do with eight identical black frames until I saw this project over at Young House Love. They painted a black mirror from Marshall's and hung it in their daughter's nursery.

You can probably guess what I did with my frames. Yep, painted them. Two frames are now teal and hanging in our bedroom. Now I'm on the hunt for mirrors to put in the center because I'd rather not put teeny tiny pictures up.

Also, no idea why our bedroom never photographs well. The light's always weird. 
Hopefully you can tell the frames are a dark teal.

This is the color palette I'm using for our bedroom, except take out that top tan-ish color and put in white.  We've got light blue/green walls, dark teal frames, white sheets, brown bedding. So far, so good!

Also, if you've never seen Design Seeds (which is where I got the palette), you should check it out. There are literally tons of color palettes and they're all so pretty!


  1. Ok, you need to come home and help me redecorate . . . I love what you're doing in your house and for very few dollars. BTW I can Photoshop that pesky little background out of the photo that you like. Love your blog! Love you more!

  2. Hey it's Dad. I'll measure mom's frame and cut mirror glass and bring down (I have mirror glass). Of course, assumes I am not cleaning up from Irene.

  3. UM I never went home with any of these frames!:(