Port Hope 2011

We spent last week in Port Hope, Michigan, home of my grandparents. It was a quick week-- we left Sunday afternoon after church, drove 14 hours, spent 5 full days with the family, and drove 14 hours home on Saturday to be back in time for church on Sunday. Phew.

Let's recap.



More painting.

Even more painting.

Lunch for the work crews.
(Not pictured: roofing, rescreening windows, fixing porch steps, cutting tree limbs.)

Grindstone City for ice cream.
Note: those cones are singles. Singles.

"Durt" or yogurt.

Family and neighbors.

Yo Gabba Gabba.

"Tors" or tractors.

Bonfire to burn cut tree limbs.

Family pics.

Giving knuckles.

I'm ready to go back! Next summer, let's hope we can make it for more than five days.


  1. Love your pictures! It sums up the week quite well:)

  2. Excellent summation and great pictures! Next summer is a MUST!