Couch to 5K, Week 4

Technically, its the third week we've been running the Couch to 5K, but its the fourth week according to the plan.

Anyways, I decided to post about my progress in running at the end of each week. This way I can look back and remember how I felt each week, plus track my progress (obviously). So without further ado....week 4.

Checking days off feels so good!

Week 4 required sixteen minutes of running (total), broken up into intervals of three and five minutes. Week 3 only had nine minutes of running, so it was a big step and I definitely felt it. The first day of week 4, Monday, was awful. I was so ready to quit and felt totally exhausted for hours after I ran. Before we ran it again, I ran week 3's workout to feel better about myself...and it didn't work. :) But it got better. We ran again on Thursday and it was a little easier, although I didn't feel great. I did have more energy afterwards, however. That was a good sign to me. And today I felt so much better. Granted, Hurricane Irene brought us a great breeze and cooled the morning off by a few degrees.

Signs of progress:

We didn't talk at all during the running. There was no way I could talk and run and survive. :)
My entire body felt like Jell-O when we finished.
I drained my entire water bottle before we finished the run.
I was drained of energy for at least two hours after we ran.

Not a lot of talking, but more.
Tried to drink less water (since I probably won't carry any during the 5K).
More energy after running, although I still had Jell-O for legs.

Talked for most of the run, up until the last 5 minute run.
Didn't drink any water until after the run (since Melanie didn't have her stroller, I had no place to put my water bottle).
Plenty of energy when we finished, enough to check out a Farmer's Market before heading home.

I'm definitely encouraged to see the progress even within this week. It makes me feel much more confident that I'll be ready for the 5K by the end of September.

Bring on week 5!

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  1. Awesome! What else can I say? About the water thing . . . my trainer said that if you drink too much water while you're working out or running, it can actually make you feel sick because it's sloshing around in your stomach. It can also cause your stomach to release excess acid and give you a stomach ache. Eat an apple or orange, something with natural sugar and fiber, 45- 60 minutes before you run, it should help your energy level.