Skunk Hunting

We've got unwelcome friends just outside our backyard. Most nights, we can smell them outside and occasionally we get lucky and can smell them inside the house. On nights that we eat out in the backyard, we usually do a quick scan along the fence line for any of our friends, but we're usually okay since its still light out.

But tonight, that wasn't the case. I came out around 8:30 to enjoy the unusually cool weather and immediately saw three skunks just wandering around in our neighbor's yard. Guess they were enjoying the weather too. 

Unfortunately, I could only see one when I came back out with my camera, but here he is:

 (The pictures are a bit blurry because it was getting dusky out.) 

I decided to brave the skunks and stay outside since they're never actually in our backyard, just right along that fence. I'm pretty sure they nest/burrow/whatever they do somewhere in that mini jungle out back..

In the time its taken me to write this post and upload those pictures--about ten minutes-- I've learned something. The skunks don't stay outside our backyard! I happened to glance up a minute ago and saw that skunk meandering right across the yard, maybe ten feet from me. I'm now finishing this post inside the house.

Anyone know how to trap and/or kill skunks far, far away from yourself and your house? I'd rather not experience that stink up close and personal.

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