Back in the Swing of Things

Today I started as the primary teacher for our church's Mother's Day Out program. Its two days a week with the three year olds, and while its temporary until I find a full-time job, its nice to be back in teaching. Its nice to be back in the world of skinned knees, endless questions, recess, childrens' books and coloring pages.

I've been gathering ideas on Pinterest for the coming weeks, and here are a few I'm excited to do:

color matching with cars

pumpkin art for the unit on fall

(wet q-tip over chalk)

letters of the week

seasons for the transition from summer to fall

And there's so much more! I wish Pinterest was around back when I was student teaching.

Tonight is also our first meeting for womens' Bible study. We're going through Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself study, which is about the fruits of the spirit. Its nice to be back into the season of small groups, football games, and all those other good things that fall brings! Now we just need those cooler temperatures...

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