September Goals

I mentioned in my last post that I've recently realized blogs can provide great accountability. So, as clearly described in the title of this post, I'm going to post a few goals I'm making for myself for the month of September. I don't usually make goals for myself-- I don't even do New Years Resolutions. But I'm gonna  see how I do with a few goals this month and see if it actually makes me more productive.

So, my goals for September:
1. Try one new recipe each week.
(Just realized-- that's already done! I just finished making Tidy Mom's Homemade Pizza Rolls. I'm on a roll already!)
2. (Re)memorize Isaiah 52:13-53:12. Its a long passage, but its the story of Jesus and its powerful. I had to memorize it in college for my Prophets class two or three years ago, so hopefully it will come back to me quickly.
3. Refashion one t-shirt (inspired by Pinterest).
4. Finish Couch to 5K training and run a 5K.
        4b. Run at least 4 times each week.

See that? Autumn begins in 22 days!

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