Breakfast Heaven

On Saturday morning, I woke up with the desire to make cinnamon roll pancakes after seeing them on Pinterest. Good thing I had to run that morning because these things have to be so, so bad for you. So I ran to Kroger (about a mile away, so it fit right into the running schedule) to grab powdered sugar and ran back, then got to baking with the help background entertainment of Deric and Chad. It took a few pancakes to get it right so each pancake looked much better than the ones before.

These pancakes were probably the third round. The first two definitely don't need to be shown. :)

 You can probably tell which ones are from early on and which are a few batches in...but no matter the appearance, they were so good. Add cream cheese frosting and I was in heaven.

We ate breakfast outside since it was (amazingly) in the 70s. Oh, and we ate around noon. So maybe it was brunch, not breakfast...

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