This Day Last Year

This time last year, Deric and I were waiting...and waiting...and waiting on three churches in three different states to hurry up with their interview process so we could figure out our living situation. From August to October, we lived with his parents in Indiana. While it was frustrating at the time to be unable to plan our future, I realize looking back that it was a really enjoyable hiatus from 'real life'. Besides phone interviews and filling out applications, Deric and I got to spend all day together. We got to live basically for free. We spent multiple afternoons at Barnes & Noble reading through books we were too cheap to buy. We took bike rides and walks, and played cards with his parents almost every night. Deric went golfing with his dad most weekends. One weekend, I ventured out with them to the golf course.

By no means did I plan to golf. That'd be the worst idea ever. I brought a book, a camera, and declared myself the golf cart driver for the day. It was a gorgeous early-fall day, about 70 degrees and sunny.

Maybe I do like golf after all. Wait...no, I take it back. I just like driving golf carts.

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