Labor Day Weekend Recap

My family came into town last weekend (minus Courtney, Tim & Isaac--missed you guys!), and as always, it was so much fun that I got homesick when they left. Something about going from seven people in the house down to just two makes the house seem so empty.

Deric and I kept our guests busy. We usually have a project for them to help with, plus meal preparations tend to take up a good chunk of time. Eating is a very serious matter. ;) We also watched Rio (my new favorite Pixar) and Unknown (highly recommend-- it threw me for a loop).

Saturday started off with a two mile run for Sarah and me.

After the run, we pulled into the driveway to see our parents yanking up all the crab grass in our flower bed. I love them. Mom, Dad, you're free to come visit any time you want!

 Deric, Dad and I headed to Lowe's for supplies and then spent the afternoon building and upholstering a headboard. (More on that later.) Everyone's help was required at some stage of the process, except for Foo who had to write a paper. But she's forgiven.

For dinner on Saturday, we learned how to make sushi. Mom, Dad, Joe and Zandra make sushi pretty frequently back home and Dad told me how much fun they have doing it, so I asked him to teach us. Turns out its easier than I realized, but it does require quite a few supplies and ingredients.


We hit up Menchie's Frozen Yogurt for dessert. This place is literally my heaven on earth. I get the same combination every time: alpine vanilla yogurt, strawberries, kiwis and gummies.

 Sarah's frozen yogurt. She's better at portion control than I am. :)

Mom & Sarah

Deric & Chad

Dad & me

Mom & Zandra

Zandra & Joe. After I took the picture, Joe pointed out that Z 
didn't actually give him the taste she's "feeding" him. :)

We went to church Sunday morning. Sarah headed back to school after church, unfortunately. She missed out on some serious pizzas...

That's one of four pizzas. Four pizzas for six people. Yum. I'll never make plain pepperoni pizza again. These pizzas were gourmet and made my pizzas look pitiful. (How's that for a little alliteration?)

On Monday morning, we went to breakfast before the family headed back to Virginia. Deric, Chad and I left for Lexington about the same time to see Deric's parents and brother's family. The timing for the weekend worked out perfectly so we could see both families in one weekend, which will probably never happen again. 

And now we're back to the daily grind. The house still feels a little empty, although it is nice not to have quite so many dishes to wash!

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