Couch to 5k, Week 6

Last night, my running partner Melanie and I finished week 6. We're a little off schedule due to her family vacation last week, plus our schedules now seem to conflict almost every day. I teach the days she doesn't teach, I have Bible study one night and she's got hers the next morning, we've got middle school small group one night, she's got her son's baseball games. Whew. Welcome to fall!

But despite the craziness, we did squeeze in a run last night. We ran about 8:30 last night so it was nice and cool. We had to run 2.25 miles to finish out the week (which is .25 more than last week's run) and I was feeling nervous since I barely survived last week. We were more concerned with distance last night than with our time so we used my pedometer to track our progress. Thankfully Melanie still timed it because according to the pedometer, we'd only run 1.5 miles in 21 minutes. That wasn't right-- last week I ran two miles in 22 minutes and I was moving a lot slower then. We realized the pedometer had to be off because I'd also driven the route before we ran and it was an even 3 miles. We decide to run back to our cars and just hope that was about 2.25 miles. We ran a total of 27 minutes which I figured had to be at least 2.5 miles. At least I hoped so, because I was feeling exhausted and awful.

As I drove home, I felt pretty discouraged that I was so tired after 2.25ish when I've only got two weeks to get up to 3.1 for our race. But Melanie called me as I was driving and told me she drove the route again to check the distance, and it turns out we ran at least 2.7 miles! Hallelujah! I felt so much better once she told me the good news. 2.7 miles is much more than I would have thought I could run at this point, and even though I was so exhausted for the rest of the night, it was worth it to know that I'm that close to the 5k goal. Like I said, I've got right under two weeks until the race so I'm going to try to run at least four times each week, if not more, so that I can run 3.1 a few times before the actual race. I can't believe my first 5K is in two weeks!

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