Couch to 5k, Week 5

Week 5 required a different run each day. The first two days, I felt really good and felt like I was making some progress. But the third run of the week was a two mile run with no walking. That was a huge jump from the previous runs, and it kicked my tail. My sister Sarah ran with me since she was in town for the weekend, and she kept me moving when I was ready to quit and walk for a few minutes.

But as discouraging as it was to be that tired, I was very proud of myself. Never in my life have I willingly run two consecutive miles (excluding my middle school soccer days). While Sarah and I ran, my thoughts kept bouncing between "I'm so exhausted!" and "I can't believe I'm on my second mile!" It was a good feeling. The pain in my legs, ribs and stomach was another story. ;)

Proof! Two miles, 22 minutes.

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